Obbattu Sheet (REUSABLE), Permanent Metal Obbattu Making Sheet (2 Pieces)


Obbattu Sheets are traditionally used for preparing Dal (Bele) Obbattu also known as Holige in Karnataka or Puran Poli in Maharashtra.

These sheets are metal, reusable, easy to maintain and last for many years. Each pack comes with 2 sheets.


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We are super excited to know that you want to cook Obbattu on metal sheets! That’s the traditional OLD way of cooking bele Obbattu.

Why Metal Obbattu Sheets?

We never forget the Obbattu cooked by our mom or grandmother. In the last few decades, people have slowly switched over to plastic or paper sheets to cook Obbattu at home. In old times, Obbattu were prepared on thin metal sheets. They are known by various names like Obbattu Tagad, Obbattu permanent sheet, Obbattu metal sheet, Obbattu making sheet.

Obbattu sheet
(Permanent Reusable Metal) Obbattu Making Sheet

Though this may seem convenient, there is a BIG catch! The taste and texture differ significantly. Metal Obbattu sheets allow you to roll your Obbattu very thin, making them extremely soft and fluffy to eat.

These reusable metal Obbattu sheets are a rare view in general stores in today’s date, and are heavily replaced by Baking papers.

Obbattu Sheet Dimensions

Each Obbattu sheet is 0.15mm thick and 11″ diameter, giving you enough space to roll bele Obbattu, chapati, or Puran polis of any size up to 11 inches.

We have also shared a video below that shows a demo of how to use the Metal Obbattu sheet.

Package Contents

Each pack comes with 2 Obbattu sheets. You can buy as many as you want in the multiples of 2.

Your package is sanitized (commercial Anti-bacteria spray) before it is handed over to the logistics company.

How to use the Metal Obbattu Sheet?

Using these Permanent Obbattu sheets is extremely simple.

  1. Apply oil to the surface of the sheet
  2. Take the Obbattu dough and roll it thin on this sheet
  3. You can roll them pretty thin as shown in the video
  4. DO NOT forcefully remove the Obbattu from the sheet.
  5. If your Obbattu is sticking too much to the sheet, then apply more oil on the sheet before rolling.
  6. Cook Obbattu on a medium flame for perfect texture and taste.


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