Obbattu Sheet – Permanent Reusable Metal Obbattu Paper


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Create the best Obbattu recipe of all time with this Reusable Metal Obbattu sheet!

About Obbattu Making Sheet

The easy-to-clean, durable steel is perfect for making Obbattu or holige for any occasion. Prepare thin Obbatuts to avoid having doughy centres or burnt edges. Show everyone how well you can cook Obbattu by using this reusable metal Obbattu sheet.

If you want to serve the best tasting Obbattu on your festival day, look no further than this easy-to-use Obbattu sheet! It’s made of high-quality metal so it can last years without wearing down. We all know how difficult it is to clean up after any festival but these sheets are easily wipeable and safe for hands-free convenience. This means that whether you’re cooking with oil or ghee, our Obbattu sheet won’t get stained at all!

You’ll be able to make ultra-thin obbattus in just minutes effortlessly because this material never sticks together like papers or banana leaves do when rolling off a pastry mat! Now, what could happen if your family throws another ‘special occasion’ next time?


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